Implemented Programs

  • Training programs
  • Investment of modern technologies
  • Database creation
  • Consultancy services

Training programmes- ADFP implemented training programmes in 9 regions of the Republic of Armenia: Armavir, Ararat, Aragatsotn, Kotayk, Lory, Tavush, Vayots Dzor, Syunik and Yerevan. In the scopes of this programme “a net” of dried food producers was created which includes more than 180 producers /42 major, 138 medium/. Over 450 members who are occupied with drying food and vegetables, received technological orders and become aware of the basic technological drying processes.

In case of beneficial conditions of raw material production, more than 1500 tones of high quality dried food can be organized and produced in the country. The project contributes to the improvement of the quality of dried food products in Armenia, as well as to the raise of their competitiveness in the export markets.

Investment of modern technologies- The organization has implemented a project on the basis of which lies the process of perfecting the means by which humidity is taken out from agricultural raw material, new project of joint driers have been carried out. The productivity of joint driers is at least 3 times higher in comparison with soler driers. New kind of drires guarantee ensuring high quality of the ready product which meets international standards.

Database creation- ADFP studied the sphere of dried food production and realization throughout the country. On the basis of the gathered information a mini informative book of 40 pages was published. This booklet includes the modern state of dried food production in the Republic of Armenia, as well as technological instructions for seperate kinds of raw material. Database is very useful for all dried food producers.

Consultancy services- ADFP provides consultaions in the following directions:

  •  producion of appropriate raw material for drying and to guarantee the quality
  • Provision of technological in the drying process
  • Production of organic dried food
  • Design of dryers and control during construction and exploiting processes
  • Quality control