Future Plans 

  • to organize a section of centralized packing of the production
  • to create a section of centralized storage of dried food
  • to create centralized laboratory
  • to built experimental driers
  • to organize centralized export of dried food
  • to make create financial resources accessible for members
  • Creation of possibilities for centralized packaging of dried products. Existence of large number of small producers, dictate that only centralized handling can provide uniform quality and ease the marketing.
  • Creation of a centralized storage for dried food that will ensure proper conditions – temperature and humidity – for beneficial for dried food products.
  • Creation of a centralized laboratory. In order to have an appropriate quality control during dried food producing processes, it is necessary to have a centralized laboratory.
  • Construction of experimental driers. To raise the efficiency of dried food production, it is necessary to regularly improve production means.
  • Organizinge centralized export of dried food. In Armenia usually dried food is produced in small volume by individual producers, while for exporting large volumes are required. Therefore the necessity for centralized export of dried food is required.
  • Assistance in accessing affordable financial resources. The interest rate of the credits given by separate banks are unacceptable for dried food producers, it greatly hinders the development of the branch.