The Association of Dried Food Producers (ADFP) NGO

was established in 2003 by the constituent assembly of the organization.The mission of the latter is to expand dried food production in Armenia and facilitate export.

The frames of organization’s activities are:

  • To support the development of dried food production in Armenia, the investment of modern technologies , the protection of producers’ and consumers’ interests in the local and export markets
  • To further promote networking of dried food producers of Armenia, foster exchange of information and knowledge between them
  • Liaise between dried food producers and research centers, international organizations, commercial institutions
  • To implement training programs, to carry out marketing studies and provide marketing services
  • To stimulate the production of organic products.
  • To provide material support to the organization members for participation in fair, conferences and other events
  • To protect members’ rights and interests through consultancy service of appropriate specialists.

“The Association of Dried Food Producers” NGO has real opportunities to unite producers and professionals for organizing the production and realization of dried food of high quality.

ADFP NGO is a reliable partner for dried food production, especially in the spheres of processing agricultural raw material and realizing the ready product.

The association often have participates in exhibitions presenting its production.